Templates and documents

On this webpage you can find the templates and documents you need for implementing and finishing an Interreg Aurora project. There are also instructions for the naming of the different documents when submitting the payment application in Min Ansökan system. You need to download the templates to your own computer.

Administrative routines
A description of administrative routines for every partner organisation shall be submitted with the first payment application. If changes occur, please keep the description updated. The controllers might ask for a new description when they notice something that do not correspond to the submitted description.

Partner Certificate
The partner certificate is a certificate on each partners’ reported expenditure. The partner certificate is a mandatory supporting document for the expenditures in every reporting period for each partner. The partner certificate shall be signed by an authorized signatory for each partner. E-signatures must be accompanied by graphic or text elements that show the electronic process by which the signature was created.

Task assignment
Staff costs relates to individuals working on a full-time or a part time assignment with a fixed percentage for the project. Here you can find a template that can be used to verify the task assignment. If the requirements in the template are already covered in the employment contract or another formal document issued by the employer it is enough to use that document to verify the task assignment.

Summary of staff costs
Provided there are staff costs in the period, the summary of staff costs is a mandatory document supporting the expenditure in the reporting period.

How to name different documents when submitting the Payment application in Min Ansökan
When submitting the payment application in the system Min Ansökan the Lead part are supposed to attach different documents from all project partners.

It is very important that each partner has named each document as the instructions below.

In every reporting period the Lead partner shall submit a joint progress report.

  • Joint progress report (template will be available in Min Ansökan for each project)

Name like this:

Joint progress report period YYMM-YYMM

In every reporting period every partner shall submit the following documents:

  • Partner certificate for each partners reported expenditure

Name like this:

FI_Partner Certificate_Partner name

SWE_ Partner Certificate_Partner name

  • Project account ledger for the current reporting period (the system report, not the information exported to Excel) 

Name like this:

FI_Ledger_periodYYMM-YYMM_Partner name

SWE_ Ledger_periodYYMM-YYMM_Partner name

  • Summary of Staff cost (provided there are staff costs in the reporting period). Note – this document shall be in Excel-format, not PDF.

Name like this:

FI_Summary of staff cost_Partner name

SWE_ Summary of staff cost_Partner name

In the first reporting period (and if changes occur) every partner submits the following documents:

  • Description of administrative routines (if changes occur that affects the routines in your organisation, you should update this description and send it in on demand).

Name like this:

FI_Admroutines_Partner name

SWE_ Admroutines_Partner name

  • Proof of authorization to sign the Partner certificate

Name like this:

FI_Proof of authorization_Partner name

SWE_ Proof of authorization_Partner name

  • Task assignments (one for each project member)

Name like this:

FI_Task assignment_Partner name_Initial

SWE_Task assignment_Partner name_Initial

  • Document identifying salary costs, like payslips. Note – all payslips in one document, not one for each person.

Name like this:

FI_Document salaries_Partner name

SWE_ Document salaries_Partner name

Any other document that you submit, for example if you have been asked for a completion, you must name it with FI or SWE – Partner name – Type of completion. If you submit a copy of an invoice, please also name it with the verification number.

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