Early project ideas

It is not mandatory to submit an early project idea to be able to apply from the programme.

If you want to submit an early project idea to get some feedback before you submit the actual application – you must use the project idea template from the Aurora programme. You can find the template on the webpage Project idea template – Interreg Aurora

The terms for submitting project idea templates for regular projects are stated in the terms of reference for each call for applications, you can find them at the webpage Calls for applications – Interreg Aurora

NOTE! It is not possible to submit a project idea template for a small-scale project. You are welcome to submit applications for small-scale projects during announced call periods for small-scale projects.  You can find the terms of reference and the call periods here.

Send your project idea to interregaurora@lansstyrelsen.se

  • If you have submitted an idea and already received positive feedback but the application was withdrawn because you didn’t manage to come up with enough co-financing in a specific call – you can apply in the next call with the same idea (without submitting the early project idea before next call) if you have managed to solve the co-financing issue.
  • There is no guarantee that you will have a positive outcome in the application phase even though you had positive feedback in the early project idea phase. The Joint Secretariat will assess all applications when a call is closed and the Steering Committees will prioritize which applications will get funding. 
  • If you get what can be considered negative feedback, you can try to solve the issues and apply anyway.  


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