Implement your project

To guide beneficiaries in the implementing process, there are supporting materials on the webpage For project beneficiaries – Interreg Aurora 

Beneficiaries should carefully read the financing decision from Interreg Aurora and all supporting materials to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Programme rules, conditions for funding and functioning of electronic monitoring systems.

During the project implementation, the Joint Secretariat will keep in regular contact with the project manager through telephone, e-mail and at programme events, to see if additional support is required.

Lead Partners are encouraged to take critical decisions with their partnerships and to ensure a timely and result-oriented implementation of the project. Some things to focus on are monitoring of the project’s work plan, outline project team roles and responsibilities, work package implementation, milestones, and deliverables. Other things are monitoring of the expected results ensuring quality control, underspending avoidance, and realistic project activities targets as well as State Aid related issues, and the mitigation of specific risks identified during the assessment of the application. Ideally, the partnership agreement could take these issues into account and act as a road map for the project.

Programme manual