Decision document

It is the Steering Committees for the sub-areas Aurora and Sápmi respectively who selects the projects who will receive funding from the Aurora programme.

As it is one joint application for both the EU-funding and the Norwegian IR-funding, the application will be either approved or rejected as a whole.

After the meeting in the Steering Committees, the Joint Secretariat notifies the Lead Partner (/-s) on the outcome of the recommendation from the Steering Committees regarding the application.

Both rejected and approved applications will be given a decision document issued by the Managing Authority (regarding EU-funding) and the Norwegian Managing Organisation (regarding IR-funding).

  • If the application is not approved, the decision document will specify the reasons for rejection.
  • A grant decision document will mainly consist of specification of the granted amount, the budget, the project duration, the responsibilities of all partners and a description of the approved project.

Data on approved projects will be published on the programme website for public availability in accordance with REGULATION (EU) 2021/1060, article 49.

Conditions for the grant
By submitting the signing document, which is signed and submitted once the application is sent in Min ansökan, the project applicants accept the general as well as the project specific conditions in the case of approval of the application.

The general conditions are:
The project must be carried out in accordance with:
– regulations of the European Union,
– national laws,
– other provisions and documents applicable to ERDF assistance,
– the programme manual for Interreg Aurora 2021-2027

The Lead Partner shall:
– establish a cooperation agreement between the project partners
– notify changes to the Joint Secretariat (e.g. interruptions, delays, contact details, budget changes or changes in goals and activities)
– ensure that the reported expenses and activities are consistent with the grant decision
– deliver status reports and final report
– apply for payment of the grant (LP EU applies for EU-grant and LP Norway applies for IR-grant.
– distribute paid grant to the other beneficiaries as quickly as possible
– pay back to the Managing Authority/Norwegian Managing Organisation any amounts found wrongly paid

All beneficiaries must:
– keep separate accounting for the project’s expenses, income and financing
– pay the project expenses no later than two months after the end of the project period but before they are reported in the payment application made by the Lead Partner
– keep project documents, data and accounting information available for inspection seven years after the calendar year of the project completed (or longer if national accounting regulations or state aid regulations says so) and document where original documents are stored
– pay back to the Lead Partner any amounts found wrongly paid
– highlight the support from EU, and upon request, make communication and visibility material available for use by Union institutions, bodies, offices or agencies.

Specific conditions might be established on a case-by-case approach and will be stated in the grant decision document.

Programme manual