Final report

Small-scale projects
Lump sum projects are expected to submit only a final report to support their payment application for the lump sum grant. Use the template for the report published by MA on the project in Min ansökan system.

Regular projects
The main purpose of the final report in a regular project is to collect information about project achievements and outcomes and measure these against the approved project application by the Monitoring Committee.

The final report has the same structure as all previous reports, use the template for the report published by MA on the project in Min ansökan system.

Projects are expected to report on the progress made during the final reporting period as well as include projects highlights, the achievements that allow the project to evidence direct and indirect impacts, as well as demonstrating concrete examples of how a project has been able to meet their contracted outputs. Finally, projects can also use the final report to reflect on the entire project duration, for example when reporting on problems encountered and solutions found, and the partnership dynamics. The final report is the occasion to express what changes the projects brought about on the people and territories. It shall have a heavy emphasis on project results and cross-border added value. It is also the moment to share any learnings from participating in a transnational project and the effects on the organisations participating. These matters are to be addressed in detail in the final report.

All achieved and reported indicators are required to be supported with robust evidence and consider the definitions of said indicators. Reporting on indicators should be on an aggregated level and reported directly in Min ansökan when submitting the progress/final report and payment application. The project should retain their supporting evidence for each reported indicator.

When the Joint Secretariat has approved the final report and the expenditure reports for the partners are checked and approved by the controllers, the Managing Authority and the Norwegian Managing Organisation can further process and make the payments of the funding.

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