Árbediehtu – transferring traditional Sami knowledge and skills

Photo of potatoes in a firebed, from the Interreg Aurora project Máhtut. Logos from Interreg Aurora, Interreg Cooperation Day and European Year of Skills.

The Interreg Aurora has a unique feature, the Programme is integrated with Sápmi and the indigenous Sami people. The Sami are the only officially recognized indigenous people in the European Union (EU). On Interreg Cooperation day, Interreg Aurora wants to highlight àrbediehtu. What is árbediehtu? The meaning of árbediehtu is Sami traditional knowledge, passed on […]

3rd Interreg Aurora call for regular project applications is open

Interreg Auroras third call for regular projects

Today the Interreg Aurora Programme opens the 3rd call for applications for regular projects. The call opens the 5th September and will close the 10th October, 2023. You can find detailed information about the call on the webpage Calls for applications – Interreg Aurora Small-scale projects are welcome to submit applications at any time. The […]

Autumn greetings from Interreg Aurora

Autumn greetings from Interreg Aurora

The Interreg Aurora team is looking forward to a busy and interesting autumn with a lot of cross border cooperation activities. Tina Nilsson has started her new position as Programme Director of the Interreg Aurora programme. “A lot of work has been done to set up the Aurora programme. Now the programme is up and […]

Project consultations for regular projects, call 3

Interreg Aurora Project idea template

Are you thinking of applying for funds from Interreg Auroras third call for regular projects? You have the possibility to get written feedback from the Joint Secretariat. You can submit a project idea template concerning Call 3 during the period 7.8.2023 – 1.9.2023. You find more information on this webpage Project idea template – Interreg […]

Upcoming Interreg Aurora calls for regular project applications

Upcoming Interreg Aurora calls for regular applications

The Interreg Aurora Programme will launch two calls for regular projects: Call 3, 5 September – 10 October 2023 Call 4, 5 February – 5 March 2024 You can find more information about the calls for applications here A continuous call system is in place for the submission of small-scale project applications, meaning that small-scale applications […]

New Interreg Aurora projects approved

Steering Committee meetings in Vaasa

The two Steering Committees, for sub-area Aurora and sub-area Sápmi, have met 14-15 June in Vaasa to decide on new cross-border cooperation projects in the northernmost part of Europe and Sápmi. The Steering Committees approved 22 projects in this second call for applications. More than 13 million euro was allocated to stakeholders that will support […]

Information security researchers on IVAs 100-list

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, IVA’s 100 list highlights current research with great potential to create benefit through commercialisation, business and method development or social impact. The list presents carefully evaluated and selected research initiatives. This year, “Cyber-safe behaviour for the digital progress of business” was selected. Congratulations to the skilled information security researchers that […]

New Programme director for Interreg Aurora

Tina Nilsson and Iiris Mäntyranta

In September Tina Nilsson takes over as the new Programme director for Interreg Aurora. Tina replaces Iiris Mäntyranta, who has been the Programme director since 2018 for Interreg Nord and Interreg Aurora. I’m really looking forward to working with developing the cross border cooperation between Sweden, Norway, Finland and Sápmi. It is an incredibly exciting […]