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Interreg Aurora Programme summary

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We’re excited to show you our new Interreg Aurora Programme summary. The summary will explain the Priorities and show what kind of cross border projects

New tool for nature protection and biodiversity
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New tool for nature protection and biodiversity

Partner search: Northern forests provide services like timber, bilberries, cowberries, mushrooms and support the livelihood of the Sami people. Northern forests are also crucial for


Cybersecurity First Aid-kit events

Interreg Aurora funded project ISSUES and the Interreg Baltic Sea Region funded project Distance LAB invites you to Cybersecurity First Aid-kit events. Tietoturvan ensiapuklinikka Kauhistuttavatko

Arto Saijets kuksas Photo C Beaulé
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Sámi handicrafts

Partner search for a Sámi handicrafts related cross-border project in which the purpose is to develop Sámi handicrafts education with the Sámi schools who are