Plan your project

Before you start to plan and apply for a project, carefully read the programme document to see which specific objective of the Interreg Aurora programme your project contributes to. The supported projects must contribute to the objectives and sought results of the programme.

The programme is written by the regions and the Sami Parliaments in the Interreg Aurora programme area and it is approved by the ministries in Finland, Norway and Sweden and the EU Commission.

 If you are interested in more background of the writing of the programme, you can take part of the Strategic Environmental Assessment and the Socio-economic analysis. 

You can find the Programme Document, the Strategic Environmental Assessment and the Socio-economic analysis on the webpage Programme Documents – Interreg Aurora

The language of the programme is English, and all programme documents are produced in English only. All official communication from the programme bodies is conducted in English.

Daily communication within the project and between the project and programme bodies can be made in English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian or Sami languages.

The project application and reporting must be done in English to be valid.

Programme manual