Sustainable development – implementation phase

Regular projects shall perform a mandatory workshop about sustainable development and the UN Sustainable Development goals. The staff in each project will go through the workshop to concretize the work with sustainable development in the project. The project shall define which of the UN Sustainable Development goals the project will contribute to. The defined goals will be used by the programme in the communication of the project.

Progress report
When you write the progress reports and apply for payment, you will be asked to describe the activities carried out during the reporting period. Here it is important that you integrate the actions that you have done connected to sustainable development. When you had a seminar, a research activity, made an analysis or implemented any other activity, describe how the sustainable thinking has been considered in connection to that certain activity.

Project communication
When you communicate, please use the symbols of the UN Sustainable development goals. Highlight all the great things that you are doing to contribute to the goals and give examples on how you are working with sustainable development within the project.