The ERDF-funding is handled in EUR meaning that all partners budgets and reports must be in EUR. And even though the Norwegian IR-funding will be handled and paid in NOK also the Norwegian figures needs to be converted into EUR, for comparison regarding the joint application submitted in Min Ansökan.

  • Swedish SEK shall be converted into EUR with the official exchange rate from the EU-commission applicable at the time of submission of the application.

Here you can find the EU-commission official exchange rate

  • Norwegian NOK shall be converted into EUR with fixed exchange rate of 10 NOK = 1 EUR.

Regarding the payment application stage, the costs for Swedish partners will be converted into euros with the official exchange rate applicable at the time of the submission of the payment application.

Note! Norwegian partners apply for payments in NOK in the system Regionalforvaltning.

Costs and financing

For cost categories used in Aurora, see section “Cost categories”.

The budget shall be specified on partner level as well as under each cost category depending on the reporting method.

  • When using the 40%-method, only the cost category of staff costs shall be specified in the application in Min ansökan system. The flat rate of 40% will be automatically added in the system.
  • When using the method of “all cost categories”, only the cost categories reported as real costs shall be specified (staff, external expertise, equipment and costs for infrastructure and works”. The categories were flat rates are used (Office and administrative expenditures and Travel and accomodation costs will be added automatically in the Min Ansökan system.

Regarding financing – you will need to specify who will contribute with financing to the project, this can be the partner itself or other external financiers. Remember that you will need co-financing corresponding to an amount of 35% of the EU-costs and 50% of the Norwegian costs.

The EU-funding (65%) and IR-funding (50%) will be calculated automatically by the system once you have added the costs and co-financing. In case the EU-share is larger than 65% and/or the IR-share is larger than 50% you will need to add some more co-financing or lower the costs.