Assessment and selection procedure

After registration, each application submitted will be subject to an assessment and selection procedure. The application procedure regarding regular projects is expected to take approximately 10 weeks from submission of the application while as small-scale project applications will be assessed within approximately 6-8 weeks from submission of the application.

In order to be considered for funding from the Programme, each application must pass the admissibility and eligibility checks. The admissibility and the eligibility checks will be made shortly after receival of the application. An application will be rejected if it does not pass the admissibility or eligibility checks. It is possible for the applicants to add information to the application to solve formal and technical issues within a short deadline on a request from the Joint Secretariat. If satisfactory answers are not received, the project will not move on to further assessment of the selection criteria.

Selection criteria
Applications that passed through the admissibility and eligibility assessment will be evaluated and ranked based on the selection criteria. Projects need to have a certain score to be proposed for funding. Based on the assessment the Joint Secretariat will prepare proposals for selection.

All project applications and project types will be evaluated according to the Mandatory selection criteria.

Applications for regular projects will as well be evaluated according to the Qualifying selection criteria.

If the application is within sub-area Sápmi, four Additional selection criteria will be used to ensure that the project support the Sápmi values and are carried out with Sámi participation.


Mandatory selection criteria 0-14 points
All applications need to have at least 1 point per criterion and a minimum score of 7 points to be approved for financing.

Qualifying selection criteria 0-10 points
Applications for regular projects can collect extra points for a higher score. Interreg Aurora has five qualifying selection criteria where the project can collect points to be presented as an extra strong contribution to the programme goals. An application can receive 0-10 points.

Additional selection criteria Sápmi 0-8 points
In addition to the Mandatory criteria, an application within sub-area Sápmi needs to have at least 1 point from two separate criteria in Additional selection criteria Sápmi to be proposed for approval.

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