The signing document

The application shall be completed with a signing document signed by an authorized signatory at the Lead partner organisation. 

The signing document is to be downloaded from Min Ansökan once the application is submitted in the system.

The signed signing document shall be submitted via the function for completions in Min Ansökan. If there are two Lead Partners (EU and Norway) it may be two signing documents with the signature from LP EU on one document and from LP Norway on another document. 

It is possible to submit the signing document after the deadline of a call but preferably within a few days. The application cannot be processed by the Joint Secretariat before the signing document has been submitted. The application can be formally rejected if the signing document is not submitted. 

The signing document must be signed by a person having the right to sign on behalf of the Lead partner organisations (both EU and Norway depending on the partnership constellation). This right must be verified by a document submitted as an attachment with the application.

The signing document can be signed manually or with an e-signature. E-signatures must be accompanied by graphic or text elements that show the electronic process by which the signature was created.

By signing the document, the lead partner(-s), on behalf of all partners, confirms that, if approved, the project will be implemented in accordance with the relevant EU and national legislation as well as the Programme document, and in particular that:

  • the requirements for joint development, joint implementation, joint staffing and joint financing are respected;
  • the requirements regarding the sustainable development are respected and that the project has no harmful impact on the environment;
  • the requirements regarding state aid are respected;
  • the project neither has nor will receive any other additional financing (except for the financing indicated in this application);
  • all project partners are committed to the project as well as complying with the relevant procurement rules and in making the results available to the public;
  • all project partners are aware of the rules on reimbursement and confirms the availability of own resources for pre-financing the activities and will provide the total amount of co-financing as laid down in the project’s budget.
    If an external co-financier will not be able to finance the project as intended, the project partner will cover the lack of funding itself;
  • all project partners declare that they are not under a bankruptcy proceeding, bears full legal capacity and are financially reliable, and that their foundation and activities are in line with the respective national legislation
  • all project partners will accept the obligations in the grant decision
  • a project partnership agreement will be concluded between all partners participating in the project
  • the information in the application is accurate and true to the best knowledge of the lead partner (-s)

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