For project applicants

To guide applicants in the application process, there are some supporting materials. Applicants should carefully read all supporting materials to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Programme rules, conditions for funding and functioning of the electronic application system.

The supporting materials includes:

The below points briefly describes the application form in Min ansökan. The number of characters in the application form are limited, the most common limit is 1 000 or 2 000 characters.

Project information

  • Project name, regular project or a small-scale project, duration, sub-area Aurora or Sápmi, programme specific objective

Project partners

  • Partners in the project, details about the Lead Partner (-s) and the project partners. (When your project has partners from both EU and Norway you must appoint two administrative Lead partners to handle the financial parts of an approved project (EU-fund and IR-fund).

Project relevance and context

  • What are the common territorial challenges that will be tackled by the project? How does the project tackle identified challenges and/or opportunities? What is new about the approach the project takes? How does the project build on available knowledge?
  • Why is cross-border cooperation needed to achieve project objectives and results? Explain why the project objectives cannot be efficiently reached acting on a national level. Describe the benefits of working cross-border.
  • Who will benefit from your project outputs? Explain the dialogue with the intended target group, the needs of the target group shall be clear.
  • Which synergies with past or current EU and other projects, initiatives, strategies and/or policies will the project make use of?

Project description

  • What is the project overall objective and how will the project contribute to the specific objective of the programme?
  • How will the project integrate the three dimensions of the sustainable development (ecological, social and economical).
  • What is the exit strategy for the project, what will you do to ensure long-lasting results? How will ownership, durability and transferability be secured after the project time?
  • You will also be asked to give a brief summary of the whole project including the overall objective. This text is to be used to inform about the application and if approved, the project, in various stages of the application and project cycle.

Project management

  • How will the project partnership be structured? How will you organize things to ensure quality in the implementation of the project?
  • How will the financial management be handled, what are the plans for the financial and reporting flows, who is responsible for what?
  • How will you communicate your project? You will be asked to provide a general approach under project management as well as detailed specification in each work package.

Project activities (Work packages and activities)

  • You will be asked to describe the project activities in one or several work packages (WP:s) that each consist of one or several activities. The WP:s and activities can be named as you prefer. You shall estimate the cost of each WP and activity as well as the duration of each WP. In the description of each WP and activity we recommend including a description on how the partners will participate and who is main responsible of the WP/activity. You will be asked to decribe a detailed specification in each work package how you will communicate the work and results of each WP.

Budget EU and Norway

  • Specification of the planned costs for the project, the budget must be separated in one budget for all the EU-partners and one budget for all the Norwegian partners. The respective budget must as well be specified for each partner.
  • Specify how, apart from the applied EU-funding and IR-funding, the project will be co-financed (at least 35% for EU-partners and 50% for Norwegian partners). Name the planned co-financiers and amounts for each partner budget