Project communication – implementation phase

European publicity requirements
All projects that receive European funding must comply with the publicity requirements stipulated in the regulations. Projects are responsible for informing of any support received from the EU and Interreg Aurora. Visibility requirements apply to all printed and digital material/products, websites, social media, activities and events. Specific regulations apply to the purchase of equipment.

Projects should use the Interreg Aurora programme logo. It consists of three elements, the emblem of the European Union, the statement “Co-funded by the European Union” and the programme name “Interreg Aurora.” Projects can download the logo from the programme website together with guidance on how to use the elements in accordance with the technical specifications. The emblem must be visible and prominently featured. If additional logos are displayed, the emblem must be of at least the same height and width as the largest of the other logos.

Documents and communication material
Projects themselves are responsible for meeting the visibility requirements and informing of support received from the EU and Interreg Aurora in all printed and digital material and products such as publications, articles, exhibitions, roll-ups, newsletters and presentation material.

Websites and social media
All project partners must also include information about funding from EU and Interreg Aurora on their official website and social media sites if such exist. The Interreg Aurora logo must be included. This should take the format of a short description of the project, including its aims and results as well as highlighting the financial support received from Interreg Aurora.

All project partners must publicly display at their location at least one poster with information about the Interreg Aurora funding. This must be of a minimum A3 size or the equivalent on an electronic display. The poster can be downloaded from the programme website.

During events projects must ensure visibility of the EU and the Interreg Aurora funding.

If the total costs of a project exceed EUR 5 000 000 or is approved as a strategic project of importance, project partners must organise a communication event and involve the European Commission and Interreg Aurora Managing Authority in a timely manner.

Interreg Aurora requirements
Progress on communication activities and the mandatory publicity requirements is monitored through the progress reports and the final report. In the final report projects must write a short and clear dissemination of the results and how the cross-border project has impacted the life of the target groups and citizens.

In addition, the Interreg Aurora programme has outlined specific requirements:

Interreg Aurora website
When approved, projects are required to provide information to Each project will have a dedicated project subpage hosted on the programme website. This includes a brief description of the project, its objectives, target groups, results, relevant images and contact information. The programme Communication Officer will update the information on the website regularly.

In addition, Norwegian partners must fill in a project information form for

Representatives from projects are expected to attend events organised by the programme and European institutions, such as seminars for approved projects, training seminars, thematic events and European communication campaigns. The programme may ask the project representatives to present their project, results and achievements at events.

Media relations
The programme encourages all projects to inform the general public about their activities and achievements through media. When preparing material for the media, projects need to emphasise cross-border cooperation and the EU support received from the Interreg Aurora programme.

Promotional material/Giveaways
Due to the sustainable profile of the Aurora programme, promotional material/Giveaways such as bags, pens, notebooks, USB sticks, etc. should only be produced if there is a need for a very specific communication activity that is clearly explained and justified.

Open access to results
Results of all Interreg Aurora funded projects must be openly accessible, the results must be free of charge and available to anyone.

Research results must be available free of charge to anyone on the Internet. Any articles included when reporting on a grant from Interreg Aurora must be published with open access. Only articles that are published with open access will be accepted when reporting project activities and expenditure. Potential additional costs for publishing should be estimated when applying for a grant. All projects are responsible for informing about support received from the EU and Interreg Aurora on all digital and printed articles and publications.

Note: If projects fail to comply with the regulations despite having received guidance from the Managing Authority and where remedial actions have not been put into place it can lead to cuts in funding. In addition to any costs related to communication measures with missing elements, the programme may also apply an overall flat rate cut of up to 2% on the total project budget if projects do not follow the regulations.