Mandatory A3 Poster

All project partners in both small-scale and regular projects must publicly display at their location at least one poster with information about the Interreg Aurora funding. This must be a printed poster of a minimum A3 size or equivalent electronic display. The poster must be visible to the public, for example in the entrance/lobby at all project partners offices.

The Interreg Aurora programme Communication Officer will provide a specific poster for each approved project. The Lead partner must provide following information to the poster:

  • a project relevant photo. It is important that the photo illustrates the work/activities in your project. Remember to secure image rights.
  • a short and impactful headline in English about your project objective/what challenge will your project solve?

Send the photo and headline to Interreg Aurora Communication Officer,

Below you can see an example on an A3 Poster. This is the poster for the Interreg Aurora project Arctic 6G.

Arctic 6G poster

Programme manual

Communication toolkit