Calls for applications

Calls for regular project applications will be launched regularly, approximately twice a year from 2022 onwards. Calls for applications will be announced on the Programme website as well as social media well in advance of the deadline, so it is worth checking for regular updates. The Monitoring Committee may decide on a specific focus or special requirements for individual calls. The call for applications and guidance will clearly outline any special requirements.

When opening a new call for applications, the Joint Secretariat will arrange various types of information meetings. Meetings will primarily take place online taking into account the sustainability goals, but physical meetings may also be arranged around the Programme area.

A continuous call system is in place for the submission of small-scale project applications, meaning that applications can be submitted at any time. Unless otherwise announced, the small-scale project call is open for all priorities. Small-scale projects will be prioritised continuously by the Steering Committees for sub-area Aurora and sub-area Sápmi by a written procedure.

Detailed instructions on how to complete the application form is available on the website. Prior to completing the online application form, project applicants should familiarize themselves with the main concepts and rules concerning a project in the programme. It is recommended that the applicants fill in the early project idea template and take contact with the Joint Secretariat before submitting an application.