Reporting and payments

Regular projects are normally expected to report every 4-6 months while small-scale (lump sum) projects submit only one report, the final report.

The reporting periods are decided based on the project implementation start date, which means that the reporting periods differ from project to project. The reporting periods are stipulated in the grant decision document.

Reporting consists of two elements,
1. the progress/final report which is the narrative report of the project´s activities during the reporting period, and
2. the payment application in which the expenditure of all the project partners during the reporting period is declared by the Lead Partner.

The progress/final report and payment application (-s) shall be submitted no later than 2 months after the reporting period. It is always possible to contact the Joint Secretariat to request a change in reporting periods or permission to submit reports and payment applications later than 2 months after the reporting period.

The progress/final report shall be submitted in Min Ansökan and is valid for both the EU-funding and the IR-funding. It is the project leader’s responsibility to compile the progress/final report. As explained under the headline Project partnership, the role of the project leader can be assigned to either Lead partner EU or Lead Partner Norway when both EU and Norway participate in the project.

– The payment application regarding the EU-funding is submitted in Min Ansökan by the Lead Partner EU.
– The payment application regarding Norwegian IR-funding is submitted in RF1350 by the Lead Partner Norway.

So, there will be:
– One progress/final report (Min ansökan) and one payment application (Min Ansökan) if only EU-partners participate.
– One progress/final report (Min Ansökan) and two payment applications (Min ansökan and RF1350) if also Norway participates.