Project relevance and context

Territorial challenges

The application shall also describe the project idea in a broader context. The applicants need to provide a description that answers questions like;

  • What are the common territorial challenges that will be tackled by the project?
  • How does the project tackle identified common challenges and/or opportunities?
  • What is new about the approach the project takes?
  • How does the project build on available knowledge?

Cross-border cooperation

In the project application partners are asked to explain why cross-border cooperation is needed for reaching the project objectives. In other words, to explain why the project objectives cannot be efficiently reached acting only on a national level.

The Interreg Aurora programme has been set up to fund cross-border cooperation between the involved countries. In order to receive funding from this programme, projects must have a clear cross-border character. Cross-border cooperation should always bring added value to reach the project objectives.

Cooperation in the Interreg Aurora programme is about working together to solve joint problems or support joint possibilities in the programme area. For this to take place, the programme expects the partners to work together as equals. Each project partner should contribute to the project by bringing in expertise, ideas, personnel or other resources.

Cooperation usually starts from networking and learning to know each other. If the first phase is successful and the cooperation continues, people or organisations start learning from each other. In the closest form of cooperation people or organisations involved have identified common needs that they can solve (only) together. Regarding the cross-border added value it is recommended that more than one partner is involved in every work package.

Target groups

The applicants are to choose the main target group in Min ansökan and describe in more detail who will benefit from the project. The applicants must explain the dialogue with the intended target group. The needs of the target group shall be clearly described. Target groups should be linked with projects contribution for a genuine impact in the Aurora programme region after the end of the project.

Synergies with other initiatives

The applicants are to describe synergies with other initiatives in Min ansökan. A description is needed regarding which synergies with past or current EU and other project, initiatives and/or policies the project will make use of. Examples of synergies could be that the project is working in line with the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region or the Arctic policy, other international, national, and regional strategies and policies in the programme area.