Project types

There are two project types in Aurora, small-scale projects and regular projects. The level of the planned project budget determines which project type you can choose.

A small-scale project is defined as a project with a maximum total project budget of 20 000 euro per participating country (40 000 if two countries participate and 60 000 if all three countries participate). The EU-funding can therefore be maximum 13 000 euro per EU country and 10 000 euro for Norwegian partners.

A regular project is every project above the limits of a small-scale project.

Please be aware of different reporting methods if budget is below or above 200 000 euros. Projects below 200 000 must use a simplified cost option. In Aurora this means that small-scale projects will be approved with the so-called lump sum- method and regular projects below 200 000 euros will be approved with the so called 40%-method.

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