Travel and accommodation costs

This cost category is used for travel and accommodations costs for own project staff, i.e employees of the project partners. Travel and accommodations costs for external experts, speakers, chairpersons of meetings and service providers are covered by the cost category External expertise and services costs.

Travel and accommodation costs can only be reimbursed as a flat rate of 15 % of each partner’s staff costs. Example: Staff costs EUR 10 000 * flat rate 15% = EUR 1 500

This cost category is not used at all when project uses the 40%-method (flat rate of 40% to cover all other costs but staff costs).

The following elements are considered as travel and accommodations costs and are covered by the 15% flat rate:
(a) travel costs (such as tickets, travel and car insurance, fuel, car mileage, toll, and parking fees);
(b) the cost of meals;
(c) accommodation costs;
(d) visa costs; and
(e) daily allowances.

Supporting documents for the verification of expenditure
The flat rate is directly linked to the staff cost and is always counted from the final eligible staff costs. If staff costs would be reduced by the controllers or other programme bodies, also the travel and accommodation costs would be proportionally reduced.

Examples of costs covered by the Travel and accommodation – 15% flat rate

  • All travel and accommodation costs for project staff, such as: 
    – tickets,
    – rental cars used by project staff for the travel to a meeting, 
    – travel and car insurance, fuel, car mileage, toll, parking fees, 
    – the cost of meals, accommodation costs, visa costs, daily allowances

Note! If the project pays for travel and accommodation costs for a member of a steering group, reference group etc when the person is employed by any of the partner organisations, this is also covered by the flat rate.

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