Seminars, events, trainings

There will be seminars concerning general information regarding funding from the programme, how to apply as well as events and trainings about specific themes addressed under the priorities of the Programme.

Approved projects will be invited to events with the purpose to explain the responsibilities of a Lead Partner, the procedures for reporting and payment applications as well as the communication requirements. Depending on the focus of the event, it may be appropriate not only for the project manager but also for the project’s finance officer or communication officer or other relevant roles to attend the seminars. The programme strongly recommends all project partners to attend the seminars and not only the Lead Partner (-s).  Participation in these seminars contributes to improving the overall quality of the project implementation.

All events will be announced on the programme website and social media. All events will be evaluated in order to improve the implementation of the Interreg Aurora programme. A digital survey will be sent to the participants.

Programme manual