Payment applications – IR-funding

The payment application is the formal declaration of expenditure by the Norwegian Lead Partner in order to receive the IR-funding and is made in the system Regionalforvaltning. Register in the system via the User Name-option. Please note that it is the same reporting periods Norwegian project partners as for EU project partners. You can find the reporting periods in your project funding decision.

Payments will be made based on reported expenditures and the approved joint progress/final report.

The payment application shall be made in NOK.

The joint progress/final report can be uploaded as an appendix in Regionalforvaltning but the text fields in the digital system must be filled in as well. You can use the English texts from the joint progress/final report. You report according to the activity plan in the decision document, this means all the activities in the project.

However, the payment application for a small-scale project do not need to report on costs. The lump sum will be paid as soon as the joint final report is approved by the Joint Secretariat according to the conditions specified in the grant decision.

For more information, please contact the Norwegian Managing Organisation.

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