Project duration

Project expenditure for project activities is eligible from the start date until the end date stated in the grant decision document. Project expenditures are not eligible before the date of the submission of the project application. In other words, the earliest start date of a project is the same day as the project application was submitted. But bear in mind, the project starts at own risk as there is of course a risk of getting a rejection on the application.  It is important that projects start according to the time plan in the decision to avoid delays towards the end of the project.

The end date for regular project will normally be 36 months after the start date while as small-scale projects will normally run over a period of 6-12 months.

All project activities including closure activities must be finished before the end date stated in the grant decision document. Expenditure must be incurred before the end date but may be paid after the end date but before the final report is submitted. No expenditure incurred after the end date stated in the grant decision document can be reimbursed by the programme.

If the project is delayed, the project is allowed to apply for a new end date. Note that this application must be made during the decided project period.

No matter what, the project end date cannot be later than the 31st of December 2028.

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