Programme area

There are two different sub-areas within the programme, Aurora and Sápmi. You must choose in which sub-area the project will be run. All priorities and all specific objectives are valid for both sub-areas. The difference between the sub-areas is best described by the assessment procedure because there are a few extra selection criteria for Sápmi projects. All Sápmi projects must be needs-based and have a goal of strengthening the Sami community. This means that it does not necessarily have to be Sami applicants, but there must be a Sami anchoring/need that has resulted in an application.

Below you can find a list of the regions covered by the Programme. Some of the regions are covered by both sub-areas while some are only covered by either Aurora or Sápmi.

Programme partner country

Eligible regions







Österbotten-Pohjanmaa Only sub-area AURORA


Etelä-Pohjanmaa Only sub-area AURORA


Kainuu Only sub-area AURORA


Pohjois-Karjala Only sub-area AURORA







Jämtland Only sub-area Sápmi


Dalarna (Idre samebys område) Only sub-area Sápmi


Troms fylke

Finnmark fylke

Nordland fylke

Trøndelag fylke Only sub-area Sápmi

Innlandet fylke (Elgå Reinbeitesdistrikt) Only sub-area Sápmi


Map of Interreg Aurora Programme areaMap of Interreg Aurora Programme area

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