Planning a project

Planning a project well is extremely important as it sets the basis for the whole implementation. Preparing a project takes time. Finding the right partners, agreeing on activities and responsibilities, preparing the budget and securing co-financing are all steps that have to be taken into account. This means that it is advisable to start the process as early as possible.

It is important to involve the relevant people in content and budget planning. Where possible, the people who will participate in implementing the project should participate in the planning. Remember to involve people from the partner organisations in a broad way: financial and other administrative staff as well as experts on content areas will probably have many useful insights. Experience shows that the quality of planning has a strong impact on project implementation.

In order to be successful in applying for and implementing a project, it is crucial to understand what a project essentially is. A project is by definition an operation that is limited by its objectives and tasks, its duration and its budget. To be more precise:

  • a cross border added value.
  • limited and fixed objectives and tasks. The project activities must be additional to the activities normally carried out by the organisations involved and not part of their ordinary activities.
  • a limited budget. Objectives and tasks are to be met with the financial resources projected in the project budget and with the ERDF amount and share projected.
  • a limited lifetime. Objectives and tasks are to be met within the specified timeframe.

Overview of project type, budget, reporting, control of costs and paymentsOverview of project type, budget, reporting, control of costs and payments in the Interreg Aurora Programme

Small-scale project

Regular project

Planning Steps

Build a partnership and develop your project idea

  • What would you like to change and how does it contribute to the development of society in the Aurora programme area?

Read the Aurora programme document and the programme manual.

  • Find stakeholders and potential partners for your project idea.
    Understand the benefits of cross-border collaboration.

Submit an “Early project idea” and engage in a dialogue with the joint secretariat

  • Take advantage of the opportunity to submit an early project idea and let us discuss how you can develop your plan.

Work together with your project partners to build your project application

  • Involving all partners helps to create a stronger, clearer application and is an excellent way to begin your cooperation.

Submit an application via Min Ansökan

  • Remember that you need to submit your application during an open call.

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