Programme Specific Objectives

All ten regions in the Interreg Aurora Programme area and the three Sami Parliaments in Sweden, Finland and Norway have identified the need and the best opportunities to work across borders within the following Priorities and Specific Objectives.

You cand read more about the Priorities and Specific Objectives in the Programme Document.

Icon for Priority 1, A smarter Europe

Priority 1 - A smarter Europe
Smart and sustainable growth

Specific Objective 1.1 Smart specialization, research and innovation
Specific Objective 1.2 Competitiveness of SMEs

Icon for Priority 2, A greener Europe

Priority 2 - A greener Europe
Green and sustainable transition

Specific Objective 2.1 Climate change adaptation
Specific Objective 2.2 Nature protection and biodiversity
Specific Objective 2.3 Sustainable mobility

Icon for Priority 3, A more social Europe

Priority 3 - A more social Europe
Education, culture and sustainable tourism

Specific Objective 3.1 Education and lifelong learning
Specific Objective 3.2 Culture and sustainable tourism

Icon for Priority 4, A better Interreg Governance

Priority 4 - A better Interreg Governance
Better and more sustainable cross-border cooperation

Specific Objective 4.1 Cross-border capacity building