Eligibility check

If the application is admissible it will be checked for its eligibility.

Non eligible applications will be rejected.

The checks in this stage are:

  1. The project duration and request for funding must be within any limits set up.

  2. The co-financing of the project must be clearly specified in the application. Apart from the EU-funding and the IR-funding the co-financing can be either own financing or financing from other external sources. The partners must bear the risk of not receiving applied co-financing from external sources. In those cases, the partners must finance the costs by themselves. When submitting the signing document, the Lead partner certifies, on behalf of all partners, that all partners will commit to the project and bear full responsibility of the co-financing if external funding will not be approved or paid. If a project, during the assessment procedures, finds out that external co-financing will not be approved, there is always a possibility to withdraw the application of funding from Interreg Aurora if partners do not have the resources to finance the lack by themselves. Lead partner shall inform the Joint secretariat as soon as possible on any changes in the co-financing plan and if the application is still valid or if they wish to withdraw.

  3. The project must comply with relevant legislation such as eligibility of expenditure rules and state aid.

  4. There must be no indication of double funding of activities.

  5. There must be no indication of negative impact on social, ecological or economic sustainability.

Programme manual