Advance payments

Once the project has been approved, there are possibilities for the Lead partner to apply for an advance payment (pre-payment) of the granted EU-support. The pre-payment can never be higher than 50% of the granted amount nor higher than the euro-amount which at the time of the application is corresponding to 400 000 SEK (Swedish regulation SFS 2022:1379).

There is no specific form for an application of advance payment.

The application must be signed by a person authorized to represent the Lead partner and submitted in written via the function for completions in Min Ansökan.

The application shall at least contain:
– the applied amount,
– a justification for why an advance is necessary and,
– whom of the partners that are in need of the advance.

The Managing Authority will assess the application and decide whether a pre-payment is possible.

Advance payments are paid to the Lead partner who shall pay forward to the intended partner in need of the advance (if it’s not the LP itself).

Advance payments will be offset in coming regular payments upon decision by the Managing Authority.

Note! Advance payments is not possible in Small-scale projects.


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