Interreg Aurora project bank and

All approved Interreg Aurora projects will have a dedicated project subpage hosted on the Programme website. The Interreg Aurora Programme Communication Officer will update the information on the subpage regularly.

Projects are required to provide a brief description of the project, its objectives, target groups, information about where project results will be published and contact information. Send the information to the Interreg Aurora Communication Officer,

Norwegian partners must fill in a project information form for

The project bank at aim to provide a full overview of previous and current projects from all Interreg projects with Norwegian partners. The projects are sorted by programme, goals and sub-goals for the programme and county. It is important that this project bank is up-to-date and contains the most important information about each project. Both project owners and new applicants to the programmes must be able to retrieve important and useful information about previous and ongoing projects in order to gain inspiration, but also to avoid seeking support for ideas that have already been implemented.

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