Mandatory Interreg Aurora logotype

All projects that receive European funding must inform about the support received from the EU and Interreg Aurora. Projects shall use the Interreg Aurora programme logotype. Visibility requirements apply to all printed and digital material/products, websites, social media, activities and events. Specific regulations apply to the purchase of equipment. Interreg Aurora logotypeThe Interreg Aurora programme logotype consists of three elements:

  • the programme name “Interreg Aurora” 
  • the emblem of the European Union
  • the statement “Co-funded by the European Union”.


Following requirements must be taken into account:

  • the standard Interreg Aurora logotype should be used in its full colour version and only on white or light backgrounds.
  • the emblem must be visible and prominently featured.
  • the proportion and relationship of size between the logotype elements must not be changed. The logotype must be readable.
  • the logotype is surrounded by an area of clear space that defines the minimum distance to other elements such as other logos, pictures, texts or any other design elements. A white outline must be placed around the EU flag. The outline equals 1/25th of the EU flag’s height.
  • If additional logos are displayed, the emblem (the flag) must be of at least the same height or width as the largest of the other logotypes.

The Interreg Aurora Managing Authority also provides each approved project a logo with the project name as an annexed element.

Download the Interreg Aurora logotype

  • Full colour logotype for white and light backgrounds is the standard logotype.

If the standard logotype is not possible to use, you have three different alternatives:

  • White and color logotype for dark backgrounds
  • Black and white monochrome logotype is only for single colour reproductions, when absolutely necessary for printing or specific usage in a document. 
  • Negative or white version logotype is only for single colour reproductions, when absolutely necessary for printing or specific usage in a document. 

How to use Interreg Aurora logotype on Social media 

All project partners must include information about funding from EU and Interreg Aurora on social media sites if such exist. The Interreg Aurora logotype must be included in the banner/cover photo/profile picture/bio.

Logotype for Social media

Programme manual

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