Terms calls for applications

Are you planning to apply for funding from Interreg Aurora?

Interreg Aurora calls for applications for small-scale and regular projects are announced on this webpage and on the programme’s social media channels.

Please note that the terms of references are specific for each call based on the progress of the Interreg Aurora programme. It is important that you always read and check the terms of reference before applying!

The terms of references are decided by the Interreg Aurora Monitoring Committee before each call. The Monitoring Committee meets twice a year, they follow the progress of the programme closely and may decide on specific limitations when needed.

The terms of reference for each call states if there are any limitations, such as:
– closed Priorities and/or Specific Objectives
– financial limitations and accessible funding to apply
– other specific conditions related to the progress of the Interreg Aurora programme.

The Interreg Aurora programme advise applicants to regularly check the web for information on the calls. Information about the calls is found on this webpage.

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