Strengthening youth participation in regional development

The Interreg Aurora funded small-scale project “Bridging Youth and Regional Development Through Dialogue” is completed. The project partners Regional Council of Kainuu, Nord Universitet and Council of Oulu Region aimed not only to give a voice to the younger generation during the project. They also aimed to prepare the youth for future participation. The project offered a platform for young people to practice dialogue skills, expand networks locally and transnationally, and to build a common ground for new initiatives across the borders. In the long run, the goal was set to find ways to increase dialogue between youth and the experts working within regional development and enhance youth participation in regional development.

The project organized two online events – a launch webinar on 30 March 2023 and a final webinar on 5 June 2023. A joint bus trip from Finland was arranged to the conference High North Dialogue and Generation Barents events in Bodø in April 2023. The project also completed a survey for the youth in the participating Finnish regions, aiming at gathering both good and bad examples of youth participation measures.

Further actions will be built on the experiences gained from the small-scale project and the recommendations written together with the youth.

Read more about the results in the project reports:
Report of the Launch Webinar, How to Bridge Youth and Regional Development
Travel report from Bodø, April 2023 – BRYR
Report on Youth Survey – BRYR (bilingual report)



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