Revitalization of Skolt Sámi language and culture

securing the future of Skolt Sámi language and culture

Revitalization of Skolt Sámi language and culture

securing the future of Skolt Sámi language and culture

Revitalization of Skolt Sámi language and culture

Project photo credits: Ville-Riiko Fofonoff, Housewarming celebration 2019 audience and students

The objective of the small-scale project is to collect the information about the needs and expectations of the Skolt Sámi communities in Finland and Norway for the activities of the culture and language revitalization process, in order to implement them in the regular project. During the small-scale project, a project application for a regular project will be prepared for the Interreg Aurora funding programme and project partnerships will be confirmed.

The most important task of the small-scale project is to hear and find out the views and needs of the Skolt Sámi people on the culture and language revitalization activities, to then carry them forward to the implementation within the regular project. To collect this knowledge, two public meetings with Skolt Sami people will be organized in May 2023 – one in the Inari municipality and one in the Sør-Varanger municipality. Surveys and remote meetings will be also organized for wider and more inclusive reach out. The aim is to invite the Skolt Sámi of all generations, both residents of Inari and Sør-Varanger municipalities and living elsewhere, to participate and share their opinions.

During the small-scale project, project partnerships will be developed and strengthened nationally and cross-border, and constant consultations held with project partners and experts from the Skolt Sámi organizations, Finnish and Norwegian Sámi Parliaments, Sámi museums and educational institutions. At the same time, experiences and main outcomes of the previous and ongoing projects, and reports on revitalization the Sámi language and culture will be taken into account when developing the project further.

Lead Partner EU
Inari Municipality

Lead Partner Norway
Sør-Varanger Municipality

Small-scale project


Education, culture and sustainable

Education and lifelong learning

2023-01-16 – 2023-07-14

40 000 Euro

13 000 Euro

10 000 Euro


Social, ecological and economic sustainable development is an overarching goal in the Interreg Aurora Programme. All projects funded by Interreg Aurora contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Revitalization of Skolt Sámi language and culture  project contributes primarly to the following UN Sustainable Development Goal.

Project News

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