ReCap ASáp – Regaining capacity in a changing Sápmi

Contributing to a robust and resilient Sápmi in times of rapid change

ReCap ASáp

Contributing to a robust and resilient Sápmi in times of rapid change

ReCap ASáp – Regaining capacity in a changing Sápmi

The aim of the Interreg Aurora funded project ReCap ASáp, Regaining capacity in a changing Sápmi, is to seek measures for Sámi society to become robust and resilient in times of rapid change. The project will strengthen Sámi civil society’s opportunities to participate in the societal debate on the needs of Sámi development.

The project has two main parts:
1) How Sámi leadership models can be developed within the framework of cooperation and interaction. This includes strengthening Sámi civil society by testing out work methods with an organisation on the Finnish side of Sápmi, and through courses that are open to all of Sápmi. The second component of Part 1 deals with leadership. Through an Advocacy programme the project will train the leaders of the future. It will develop a roadmap for the implementation of a Sámi ambassador programme. The project will also establish a Sámi leadership network that creates space to discuss Sámi leadership in a safe environment, how it can be developed to create sustainable living environments with access to work adapted to Sápmi’s needs, as well as creating more local workplaces.

2) Policy development and knowledge generation. The project’s knowledge generation rests on the development of an adapted tool, Boahtteáiggi jurdagat: an approach to generate, collect, and disseminate Sámi knowledge. This gives Sámi decision-makers a tool to make informed choices about priorities that strengthens Sámi society. The method will be used by Knowledge Hubs, which will develop recommendations or policy documents on selected topics. The second component is developing a roadmap, and organising the pilot version, of a Sámi arena for constructive social debates – a Sámi version of Almedal Week. This will be an inclusive arena, creating the conditions for good debates, workshops, seminars, and other cultural events that show the diversity of Sámi society.

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The project has been appointed as an Operation of Strategic Importance by the Interreg Aurora Programme. This means a project which provides a significant contribution to the achievement of the objectives of the Interreg Aurora Programme.

Contact: Åsa Larsson Blind, Nordiska samerådet –

Lead Partner
Nordiska Samerådet

Lead Partner Norway
Saami Council Headquarters

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Suoma Sámiid Guovddássearvi ry

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Better and more sustainable cross-border

Cross-border capacity building

2023-09-01 – 2026-08-31

1 987 130 Euro

992 636 Euro

230 000 Euro


Social, ecological and economic sustainable development is an overarching goal in the Interreg Aurora Programme. All projects funded by Interreg Aurora contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The ReCap ASáp project contributes primarly to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Project News

welcome to “Sámi Arena” in Kautokeino 9.-15. June 2025.

First ever Sámi Arena in Kautokeino 2025

The Interreg Aurora funded project ReCap ASáp – Regaining capacity in a changing Sápmi is planning a “Sámi Arena” in Kautokeino 9-15 June 2025. The

ReCap ASáp – Regaining capacity in a changing Sápmi

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