Digital Innovation In the Forest value chain

Increasing digitalization in the forestry value chain

Digital innovation in the forest value chain

Increasing digitalization in the forestry value chain

Digital Innovation In the Forest value chain

The Interreg Aurora funded project Digital Innovation In the Forest value chain (DIIF) aligns with the smart specialization strategy of the Aurora programme area, aiming to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the wood industry through innovative digital solutions. By revolutionizing tracking technology throughout the value chain, from logging to forest restoration to wood-based end-products, the project enhances operational efficiency and ensures the traceability and sustainability of wood products. The DIIF project’s primary objective is to enable SMEs to stay competitive and transition towards greener practices. Through digital innovations, SMEs lead the green transition, fostering a sustainable forest-based industry. The project serves as a catalyst, supporting SMEs in developing and implementing innovative solutions while promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

By enhancing the digital integration of information, the project strengthens linkages between stakeholders, fostering a cohesive and sustainable wood industry ecosystem. It goes beyond digital transformation, leveraging cutting-edge processes and ensure wood product traceability. The DIIF project sets a foundation for a resilient and future-proof wood industry in the Aurora programme area.

The DIIF project represents a transformative initiative that integrates digital technologies and automation within the wood industry’s value chain. By enabling SMEs to embrace digitalization, enhance efficiency, and promote sustainability, the project positions the Aurora programme area as a frontrunner in the green economy. Through collaboration, innovation, and the adoption of advanced digital solutions, the project paves the way for a thriving, environmentally conscious wood industry that fosters economic growth while preserving natural resources for future generations.

Contact: Amanda Löfdahl, Skogstekniska klustret Ekonomisk förening –

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Smart and sustainable growth

Competitiveness of SME:s

2023-10-01 – 2026-09-30

937 572 Euro

543 811 Euro


Social, ecological and economic sustainable development is an overarching goal in the Interreg Aurora Programme. All projects funded by Interreg Aurora contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Digital Innovation In the Forest value chain project contributes primarly to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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