The Sweden-Finland-Norway CrossBorder Information Service: Päivi Koivupalo, Markus Lyyra and Birgitta Tamminen

To shift from cooperation to cocreation

The project partners Kemi-Tornionlaakson koulutuskuntayhtymä Lappia, Utbildning NORD and Koulutuskuntayhtymä OSAO have in the Interreg Aurora funded project DeTo – Developing Together gathered a comprehensive report on the cross-border cooperation networks, best practices, development needs and future initiatives for the labour market.

The purpose of the report is to describe current situation from the point of view of companies, public and educational organisations, municipalities, and labour authorities. Actors and stakeholders from all three countries, Finland, Sweden and Norway, in the Interreg Aurora programme area, have participated in the small-scale project/prestudy process through different events, workshops, interviews and meetings. The project partners gathered the most important themes for cross-border collaboration and all stakeholders have had an opportunity to comment future initiatives and cooperation.

The aim after the completed small-scale project is to establish a project consortium or project consortiums which can continue to develop the cross-border cooperation and to shift from cooperation to cocreation.

In this report you can read about the projects results.

Photo: The Sweden-Finland-Norway Cross-Border Information Service: Päivi Koivupalo, Markus Lyyra and Birgitta Tamminen

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