Nordic Battery Belt (feasibility study)

Six themes for future cross-border cooperation that can strengthen the battery technology actors

Norway, Sweden, and Finland face similar challenges with the emerging green industry and battery production industries. The project partners Kvarken Council, EGTC and Midtskandia has implemented a small-scale project/feasibility study funded by Interreg Aurora to prepare the battery technology actors for a larger implementation project. Within the project, challenges and opportunities related to the ongoing investments in green industry in the northern Nordics were examined by interviews with experts and hosting a workshop with stakeholders.

The aim was to analyse challenges and opportunities for the continued development of the Nordic Battery Belt region and which of these challenges and opportunities that are suitable to handle in cross-border cooperation. During the feasibility study, six main themes for challenges and opportunities have been identified:

  • human capital management
  • energy supply
  • housing
  • transport infrastructure
  • research & development
  • regional marketing.

The main challenge that was identified was attracting and retaining people in the region for sustainable growth.

Read the Feasibility study Nordic Battery-Belt

In this article you can also read more about the workshop that was held in Umeå in April 2023 to lay the foundation for continued cross-border cooperation in the Nordic Battery Belt region.


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