Arctic 6G

Shaping Connectivity in the North: The Arctic 6G project puts you in the heart of development

Welcome to the Future of Connectivity!

The residents of rural and remote areas in northern Finland, Sweden, and Norway, play a crucial role in defining the next generation of network connectivity. Your Voice, Your Impact: Your experiences are the heart of this project. By participating in the survey, you directly influence the development of equitable, sustainable, and resilient connectivity. Your insights will shape the definition of the 6G network, ensuring that the future of connectivity is tailored to meet the needs of rural and remote communities.

Survey Details:

  • Available in Finnish and in English.
  • Includes multiple-choice and open-ended questions (it takes around 10-20 minutes to respond).
  • Open until April 30, 2024.
  • Access the survey on

Explore more about the Interreg Aurora funded project 6G on the website. Join the project in shaping the future of connectivity in the North!

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