Girku SOS

Sami helpline for better health has written an article in Norwegian about the Interreg Aurora funded project Girku SOS.

The project aims to contribute to better public health by developing a helpline aimed to the Sami population. The helpline is aimed for people who need someone good to talk to when life is difficult. The project is a collaboration between Kirkens SOS in Norway and Kyrkans SOS in Sweden.

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New tool for nature protection and biodiversity
Partner search

New tool for nature protection and biodiversity

Partner search: Northern forests provide services like timber, bilberries, cowberries, mushrooms and support the livelihood of the Sami people. Northern forests are also crucial for


Cybersecurity First Aid-kit events

Interreg Aurora funded project ISSUES and the Interreg Baltic Sea Region funded project Distance LAB invites you to Cybersecurity First Aid-kit events. Tietoturvan ensiapuklinikka Kauhistuttavatko