Join Interreg Aurora in Oulu, 27-28 November 2023

Registration for the Interreg Aurora event is open

Interreg Aurora is coming to Oulu, 27-28 November 2023. The focus of the event is to create new opportunities to network across borders. Join us for:

  • Experience exchange and best practice for ongoing Interreg Aurora projects
  • Meet new project partners, network, and share your ideas for cross-border cooperation
  • Get to know the Interreg Aurora team

You can find all information and registration on our event page


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New tool for nature protection and biodiversity
Partner search

New tool for nature protection and biodiversity

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Cybersecurity First Aid-kit events

Interreg Aurora funded project ISSUES and the Interreg Baltic Sea Region funded project Distance LAB invites you to Cybersecurity First Aid-kit events. Tietoturvan ensiapuklinikka Kauhistuttavatko