Europe in my region

Europe in my region – campaign, 2-9 May 2024 in Sweden

Interreg Aurora projects, how does financing from EU benefit your regions and the citizens?

Europe in my Region is an annual EU-wide campaign to show citizens the EU-funded projects in the regions they live in. This is achieved through involving citizens to explore EU projects with own eyes. Tillväxtverket coordinates the campaign in Sweden during 2-9 May 2024. The campaign involves projects inviting visitors to take part in their work and results in various ways. It can be, for example:
– Lectures
– Guided tours
– Exhibitions
– Movies and articles
– Other exciting activities.

Don’t forget to tag your activities #EUinmyregion #InterregAurora

Registered activities will be helped to spread information. More information and registration form is available at Anmälningsformulär 2024 – Eufonder

Info in English Inforegio – #EUinmyregion (

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