Progress report – Min Ansökan

Use the template for the report provided by the programme on the webpage For project beneficiaries – Interreg Aurora

The purpose of the report is mainly to allow different programme bodies to monitor the development of the project. The report shall provide quantification of project outputs as well as a report on the achievement of project results. Furthermore, the report shall allow a cross-check between the implementation versus the project decision. The report is also contributing to the dissemination of information and knowledge about the project to a wider public as well as to the Steering Committees, the Monitoring Committee and the European Commission.

A report shall cover the reporting period regarding all the partners and shall be compiled in a way that it supports the expenditures of the project partners. The report shall in particular describe the progress of the achievements towards the project objectives, the project outputs, and the work package activities and deliverables.

The report shall clearly identify whom of the partners that has been involved in an activity and therefore has costs in their expenditure report regarding the specific activity.

The report for a given period will be assessed to make sure that the implementation corresponds with the expenditure in the period as well as with the work packages in the grant decision. The report will as well be assessed regarding progress on communication activities and preferably some best practice in project implementation and communication measures can be identified.

A missing or unsatisfactory report could lead to a decision not to issue a payment.