Ineligible expenditure

Examples of costs that are not eligible:

  • Any expenditure which is already 100% co-financed by another EU-funding source or a national or regional subsidy is not eligible in the context of an Interreg Aurora project (double-financing).
  • Fines, financial penalties and expenditure on legal disputes and litigation
  • Gifts
  • Costs related to fluctuation of foreign exchange rate
  • In-kind costs
  • Expenditure incurred and/or paid before the start date of the project
  • Expenditure incurred after the end date of the project
  • Expenditure paid to late (no later than 2 months after the end date of the project but before submitting the final payment application)
  • Expenditure above approved flat rates

Cost-sharing within the project partnership

Invoicing between partners shall be avoided, as it can cause time-lags and other problems for project partners at the reporting stage. The main principle is that a specific cost shall be paid by one partner in total, and they shall not send an invoice regarding partial payments of that cost to the other partners. The partner carrying shared costs, shall include it as an expenditure in the individual project partner budget. The project partner in question can then receive a larger proportion of the funding in the project.