Cost categories

The following cost categories are possible in Aurora projects:

A) Regular project applications – Method A (the 40%-method)

  1. Staff costs (real costs)
  2. Flat rate 40%

Regular projects with a budget up to 200 000 euros must use the 40%-method but also regular projects with larger budgets than 200 000 euros can choose to use the 40%-method. When applying for the 40%-method only Staff costs are used and a flat rate of 40% will be approved on top of that. The same applies when applying for the payment of the approved grant.

B) Regular project applications – Method B (all cost categories)

  1. Staff costs (real costs)
  2. Office and administrative expenditure (flat rate 15% based on staff costs)
  3. Travel and accommodation costs (flat rate 15% based on staff costs)
  4. External expertise and services costs (real costs)
  5. Equipment expenditure (real costs)
  6. Costs for infrastructure and works (real costs)

Method B is only available for regular projects above 200 000 euros when the 40%-method is deemed not appropriate. All partners must use the same method.

Small-scale project applications will only be approved by the lump sum method. In the application stage the budget shall clearly define the planned costs either using method A or B described above for regular projects. But then, once the application is approved, there is no need to report on the actual expenditure. The payment of the lump sum will be based on the results. If the final report is approved the lump sum will be paid and if the final report is not approved there will be no payment at all.